An authentic voice on mental health


Meet Amabel.  She helps individuals and groups with

tools to navigate mental health recovery.  She infuses her

passion and 22+ years of experience with Bipolar I Disorder

in informing her clients and audiences with a person-centered, 

trauma-informed approach. 

Serving the Seattle community since 2003, Amabel is a

Certified Peer Specialist, speaker and trainer.  She has

provided workshops and trainings throughout King and
Kitsap Counties, and holds degrees and certificates

from Western Washington University and Cornell University. 

She is a member of the National Youth Advisory Board.  

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"You are making an impact on so many lives.  I really enjoyed your integration of your cultural experience and how they related to mental health."

Paul K.

"I have really enjoyed hearing Amabel's story and getting a different perspective on mental health, how that has impacted her, and how we as providers can better serve people with mental health conditions." 

Jody T.

"Hearing your story has inspired me to keep working in the mental health field and keep working to de-stigmatize mental illness."

Lea F.


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