Ready to finally step into your power?

Amabel helps her clients overcome limiting beliefs & bull$hit

conditioning to live unapologetically authentic lives.

Amabel is a multi-passionate, integrative healing artist,

mental health activist/advocate, speaker, writer, & certified

holistic life coach. She specializes in empowerment

and advocacy for for her clients with a person-centered, 

trauma-informed approach. 

What sets Amabel apart from other coaches? 

Her fierce advocacy for her clients to remember their true

essence & her gift of holding immaculate space.

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"You are making an impact on so many lives.  I really enjoyed your integration of your cultural experience and how they related to mental health."

Paul K.

"I have really enjoyed hearing Amabel's story and getting a different perspective on mental health, how that has impacted her, and how we as providers can better serve people with mental health conditions." 

Jody T.

"Hearing your story has inspired me to keep working in the mental health field and keep working to de-stigmatize mental illness."

Lea F.


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