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Staying the Course

Never underestimate the power you have to make a difference.

Sure, the world seems to be going to shit. What was once normal is now uncertain and unpredictable. Not having secure footing is putting us all in a position of helplessness and strain.

How can we be realistic about this mental health journey? How can we maintain balance? Where do we find hope? How can we do so in a way that isn’t all Polyanna and uplifting memes? How can we persevere through and come out on the other side without completely falling apart?

I ask myself who is really listening? Who cares? Who is impacted by my message enough to make subtle changes in their lives and relationships?

At times I wonder if my experience is worthy of reporting. Is any of this relevant or interesting to you? With all that it is out there to read and digest: so many talented writers and bloggers contributing to the virtual landscape, what makes me special?

The fact is, we are all special. We are all worthy of sharing the world’s stage.

It can be a quiet road I walk by myself. But the more I open up and share, the more I am able to see that our collective voices are so powerful. If we don’t have one note in the scale, how can we create beautiful harmonies to enjoy?

In speaking with a client recently, I learned about her story and how she wishes to blog about the injustices she has endured as a BIPOC. She told me about a side that not a lot of people talk about because of how this particular population is perceived in American society.

It really sparked a fire within me to encourage her to make her voice heard. It is when we are afraid, yet compelled to speak our truth that it is most important to carry that torch, even if we’re going against the grain. I was once prodded by a former client who said that my voice is special, even if it is only one in a sea of many.

Maybe that's why I rallied behind her - because I believe we each have something to contribute. From my comfortable vantage point, I can express my opinion about this writer using her bravery to uplift her cause. But I pictured so many more voices coming to her aid, people joining her in their adversity, and I realized it is a responsibility rather than a choice.

Sometimes it takes one person with courage to take a stand. Because so many people who are BIPOC feel disenfranchised, it is all the more important to take the chance and draw attention to their cause, to inspire others to take action for injustice.

At a speaking engagement this past spring, I spoke about my BIPOC mental health recovery story. It stings sometimes when I recount the feelings I had about my initial psychosis. Then it becomes an empowering crescendo when I highlight the blessings that comprise my successful recovery: my family, my community, and community supports.

“I am in tears. That was a beautiful story, and so close to home. Thank you!”

“You Grow Girl!”

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Amabel. Your courage is inspiring!”

“That was so powerful.”

Such feedback fills my spirit and provides a natural high!

Although I still have further to go on my journey, I remind myself that it is important to reflect on my progress. Days like today, when I feel numb and down, I must be my own coach and pick myself up off the floor and continue along my path.

Many of you have been so supportive throughout my journey. I thank you all. I'm grateful that you take the time to read this blog. For those of you who receive my newsletter, you’ve read of my ups and downs in starting my business. Because of your belief in me, I know I will continue to fight all the resistance I encounter. I will face each challenge because of the immense support you give me.

One message I received as a response to my last newsletter brought tears to my eyes. Here is an excerpt.


“Your email is one of the beautiful things I can find in life. If only all of my emails could be filled with such compassionate love and care for self and others. May you continue to find blessings, recognize them as the beauty in the world and be filled with the true euphoria of knowing just how beautiful you are and how much better the world is because you are in it.”


I’m so touched that someone would write such kind words to me. I’m amazed that my words moved her so much that she was compelled to share these sentiments. It affirmed me of my “why” – my reason for being is to love and serve. To be able to have such an exchange was so uplifting and awe-inspiring, that I feel like I can’t do much better than this.

It’s easy to be swept up in negativity and self-pity. When I'm on that track, it sure is tough to get off it. My mind searches for reasons to be in the dumps. Before long, I'm pouting and in a pissy mood.

After taking a nature walk with my folks, I took a moment to review all that I've done and all the progress I've made. Last night I taught two English lessons to the same student and had so much fun joking around and being playful.

Also, I just received my business license, so that is something significant. I know I am so grateful for the life and business I am creating. I can’t let my self-doubt and cynicism weigh me down.

When I lose focus, I have my team to watch my back. I center myself on why I chose to be a coach and I know there are so many people that need help.

But we’re in this as a team. My squad and I are spreading love, cultivating awareness, stamping out stigma, and championing resiliency one step at a time. We are always recruiting new members for our team.

If you haven’t yet provided me your e-mail address, please shoot me a message today and I’ll add you to my insider list. I share some behind the scenes news and the scoop on my latest projects. Results may vary. lol

Sending so much love to you. Wherever you may be reading this. May you be shielded and protected with love, faith, and hope. Together we will get through anything life throws at us.

Cover image art by @mishazadeh

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1 Comment

Jun 28, 2020

I so look forward to reading what you have to say, Bel.

It is wonderful to see your plans taking shape.

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